She succeeded in getting what she wanted.

Russell has come a long ways.

Let me see your hand, that I may read the future.

What we really want is some more free time.

We'll take turns.

Roxane is worried we'll get lost.


Look at the notice on the wall.

Her third movie greatly added to her reputation.

Tell me the precise time for their arrival.

May I go to the restroom?

She wanted him to say that he would pay the bill.

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I'd like to leave the windows open.


Next year I want to learn French.


My sister sang an English song at the party.


He appeared on television last night.

It's all really quite simple.

You don't need to come.


I don't want to do it like that.

I drove them home.

I tried to talk to her.

You'd have fun.

I am from the Netherlands.


He sang and sang.


Tal was laughed at by Lester.

I can't afford to lose my job.

A puppy followed me wagging its tail.

A strike is a mass refusal to work by a body of employees.

He married a stewardess.

They are just going to the store over there.

This room is well furnished.

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We made a bargain that we wouldn't forsake each other.


Do I know you?

He could not come on account of illness.

Judith and Cristopher met for dinner.

We came up with a better plan.

I get off here.

Don't answer the door, whoever it is.

I can't take you to work with me.


At your age I already knew how to tie my shoes.

We're checking it out.

I worked.


When do you write?

I wondered vaguely what foul villainy it might be that the Morlocks did under the new moon.

You're up to something, aren't you?

She's younger than him.

I've been trying to explain to Herb what needs to be done.

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When I was waiting for the bus, I ran into my friend.

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I need your help. And I will be your president, too.

Kayvan believes in paranormal phenomena.

He answers to the description of the criminal.

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Let's go to the mall.

I'll always carry you in my heart.

The new computer is ten times faster than the old.

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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.

In the countryside, the breaths of the grass, the trees, and the rocks have the foul smell of humans. They call to me from all directions, and they cling to me. But in the city, even the passengers of a jam-packed train are as quiet as pebbles on the riverbed, and everyone is only thinking of themselves.

Dimitry has an addictive personality.

Recent investigations have demonstrated that the application of Emmet's theory is not always without defects.

Olivier is facing life in prison.

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Don't let him in.


I wanted to watch you die.


Hector just wanted to let Lui know that he wouldn't be able to attend her party.

He is terrible at math.

What was the last movie you went to see?

Mat always looked happy.

What does the fox say?

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I'm sure Maureen knows what to do.


The elephant trumpets.

Aren't you even a bit curious?

Does Tareq ever smile?

Thank you very much if the shipment has already been made and please disregard this inquiry.

I really miss him.

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I have a good dictionary.

That was the plan.

Micheal enjoys playing tricks on me.


The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make.

When will I ever learn to mind my own business and keep my big mouth shut?

Betty stepped aside to allow Swamy to pass.

I did it many times.

I'm sure you'll find a way to do it.

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Farmers turn up the soil with plows.

Daren was arrested in October.

We don't even know them.

You know that as well as I do.

His pictures leave nothing to be desired.

I sent him back home.

Maybe Kusum went out with Jun.


I'm a detective.

She and her boyfriend live together.

Why did I have to be the one who told Neville he was fired?

I do not know for certain when he will come.

In simplicity there is freedom.

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We should be getting back.

She can be moody at times.

Butler wants to hug Hui.


Leave your hat and overcoat in the hall.

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We never found out what happened to John.

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How much did it cost?

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.

There was no light.


He comes home from his trip to Europe tomorrow.


Let's split the reward fifty-fifty.

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I don't think we want to know.


I could hear them laugh in the background.


He really turns me on.

The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.

This is not blue; it is violet.

Young children soon pick up words they hear.

Are you breathing?

The butterfly landed on the hand.

It's close to ten o'clock. It's about time we went to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Do you really think that was what Ranjit was up to?

They are busy.

We don't know whether to believe Toft or not.

The "childhood friends" scare me.

She has a lover.

Do you really want to break my heart?

The street in front of my house is pretty narrow.

Catherine stayed indoors because it was raining.

The plane took off at seven.

They must have taken you to be gods!

She put the blanket over the child sleeping on the sofa.

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I have several statues in my garden.

They're right behind you.

She was trembling as she listened to the news.

There's a mystery here and I want to get to the bottom of it.

He went to Kyoto by car.

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You're weird. I haven't helped you at all yet and you're calling me a "genius".

Morgan ate the salad that Ernie made for him.

You're stronger than the rest of us.


The thesis is finished except for the conclusion.

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I am fond of cars.

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

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We'll discuss this later.


"Give me another bottle," he said.


Orville realized he had made a mistake.

She thought of a good way to make money on the Internet.

I'd like to know what you intend to do now.


My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, was very proud of the fact that she had brought me up 'by hand'.

The headlights don't work.

I thought I'd go with him.

This is all quite unnecessary.

When do I get to talk to them?

I'm sorry, I do not understand. Can you repeat it a little slower?

Getting rich is the opposite of getting poor.

We express our thoughts by means of words.

I just gave it to him.

She had the courage to say it.

Stop teasing Harold. Can't you see she's going to cry?

I assure you this is about much more than money.

Is that why you won't help them?


He could not comprehend the value of her advice.

There is indisputable proof that Omar is the thief.

I think Hwa needs your help.

He put me off with a vague answer.

Monty said he'd be back soon.